Waterproof-110W, 140W, 190W - LED Search Light - W6623
  • Equivalent to conventional products: 1000W(LED 110W), 2000W(LED 140W), 3000W(LED 190W)
  • IP66, Salt spray test and Vibration test compliance.
  • Compatible with harsh environments to demonstrate the marine performance required for ship lighting.
  • Long lifespan up to 40,000 hours.
  • It is a high-brightness LED component that reduces power consumption to 1/10 the power of traditional lighting, reducing engine load and significantly reducing the fuel cost of power generation.
  • There are vents prevent fog inside the lamp.
  • Control of manual or automatic for optional.
  • Excellent Luminous intensity distribution with beam angle 5°.
  • High levels of light uniformity (70%+).
  • No Mercury, RoHs compliance.
  • No UV, IR light radiation.
  • CNS 3912 Photometric test
  • CNS 14335 / 14165 IP66
  • CNS 10255 Vibration test
  • CNS 8886 Salt spray test
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Electrical Ratings
Voltage 100V-240V
Frequency 50 Hz / 60Hz
Wattage (Amps) 110W / 140W / 190W
Ambient Temperature -25°C ~ +50°C
Photometrical Information
CCT 5000K (Cool White)
CRI Ra 75
Lum/Watt. 125 lm
Beam Angle


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