THT-EX Hazardous Area LED Street Lights are Durable in Extreme Weather!

THT-EX Hazardous Area LED Street Light

As the global warming situation continued, that warming has triggered many other changes to the Earth’s climate. In order to cope with this extreme climate, it’s necessary to have super weather resistance design for outdoor products!


THT-EX Hazardous Area LED Street Lights are designed to meet these rigorous environment requirements! In addition to the explosion-proof function, the design of this luminaire also delivers other outstanding performances, such as waterproof rating IP67/68, strong wind resistance up to 17 Beaufort, strike protection, applicable to high/low-temperature locations and corrosion resistance; it can ensure the quality of lightings and provide customers with the most reliable products. In addition, our customized design services for all of our lighting products are always ready to fulfill your need.


It’s rainy season in Taiwan recently. THT-EX explosion-proof LED lightings still stand firm and provide stable illumination in harsh stormy weather!